Membership in UCJB


Unity Church in Jensen Beach Membership 

If you are interested in becoming a member of our church or transferring  membership from another Unity church, please familiarize yourself with our current by-laws for membership, then fill out the attached form or contact Rev. Julia Baginski at 772-418-1943 or



Section 3.01 Qualifications. A member of Unity Church in Jensen Beach will endeavor to live in accord with the Jesus Christ principles of love and truth as taught by Unity. He-she will further the work of this ministry through his/her active interest, love and support.

Section 3.02 Election of Members. Anyone desiring membership of Unity Church in Jensen Beach will file an application for membership card with the ministry office. The application will be presented to the Board of Trustees at its next regular meeting. Upon a majority affirmative vote of the Trustees present and voting, the applicant will become an active member and will be notified accordingly by the Board Secretary. All staff ministers and licensed Unity teachers are considered members of this ministry. 

Becoming an official member of Unity Church in Jensen Beach affirms your desire to engage deeply in your own spiritual growth as part of this community. As a member you can vote on organizational matters, stand for a seat on the Board of Trustees, and serve on Board Committees. It is required that anyone who desires to serve on the Board be a member of Unity Church in Jensen Beach for one year and complete 2 classes offered at UCJB. The new members course fulfills one class requirement. The new members course is offered twice per year. On a Sunday following the completion of the Membership Course, we will honor our new members at a New Member Installation Ceremony during the Sunday service. 

My Commitment to Membership in Unity Church in Jensen Beach, I desire to become a member of Unity Church in Jensen Beach and affirm my decision to do so. I have met all the qualifications for membership. I consecrate and dedicate myself to the will and the work of the indwelling Christ. I will endeavor to live in accord with the Jesus Christ principles of love and Truth as taught by Unity. I will further the work of Unity Church in Jensen Beach through my active attendance, interest, love, and financial support. I commit to relate in harmony with and to behold with love myself and my fellow members of Unity Church in Jensen Beach. I commit to see and believe in the Christ Presence in us all.


(  ) NEW Member (  ) Renewal

Please use the link below to complete the form attached, print it out and give or email to Rev. Julia or one of the Board members.