Pre-recorded Sunday Services

12/02/18 Rev. William Gill Lesson "Faith in the Jesus Story"

11/25/18 Rev Bob Konrad Meditation

11/25/18 Rev Bob Konrad Lesson "Like a Bridge"

11/18/18 Rev. Rene Seiler Meditation

11/18/18 Rev. Rene Seiler Lesson "Thanks-Living-Way to Go"

11/11/18 Rev. Gill Meditation

11/11/18 Rev. William Gill lesson "Blessings in Disguise" Part 2

11/4/2018 Rev. William Gill Meditation

11/4/2018 Rev. William Gill Lesson "Blessings in Disguise" Part 1

10/28/18 Rev. Katherine Lovkay Meditation