Pre-recorded Sunday Services

8/23/2020 Rev. Gary Lalonde Meditation

8/23/2020 Rev. Gary Lalonde Message "Being Blessed and Knowing It"

7/12/20 Rev. Rene Seiler Meditation

7/12/20 Rev. Rene Seiler "Are You Really Free?"

6/28/20 Rev. Linda Machesic "What's Death Got To Do With It?"

6/21/20 Rev. Bob Konrad Meditation

6/21/20 Rev. Bob Konrad "In my Father's house"

5/31/20 Rev. Elizabeth Longo Meditation

5/31/20 Rev. Elizabeth Longo Release, Renew, Rebirth - Part II

See 5/24/20 Service, Rev. Elizabeth Longo Live on You Tube - search "Unity Jensen"