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October 15:  Rev. William Gill will lead our 10am service, and the title of his lesson is "Life on Earth – A spiritual field trip?"

Rev. William says many spiritual traditions state, in one form or another, that souls incarnate into the physical realm with a predetermined plan of action: We set out to experience spiritual growth through predetermined and agreed-upon experiences during our time on earth. And, just to keep it interesting and effective, we are given a dose of temporary amnesia so that we can play a game of self-discovery. And so, how can we best accomplish our spiritual learning goals? What spiritual tools are available to us? And, do traditional religious teachings help or detract from our soul’s growth? Let us brave these challenging (if not uncomfortable) questions together as we explore life on earth as a sort of spiritual field trip in the schooling of the soul.

Joe Negrelli and David Dew will provide the special music.

Meditation class starts at 8:30am sharp prior to service; see below under "Ongoing Classes" for more information.
October 22 - Rev. Katherine Geddes-Lovkay
October 29 - Rev. Bob Konrad
November 5 - Rev. Corri Hart
Saturday, October 21 at 10am to 3pm

Come to our first Metaphysical Health Fair! On Saturday, October 21stfrom 10am to 3pm we will have an Angel therapist, a Reiki master, massage, Halo therapy, and more.  Admission is free, and a portion of each therapist's fee will be donated to the church.  Come join the fun! 

***Volunteers needed!  Please consider lending a hand at the fair - set up 9am, clean up 3pm - any help would be appreciated!***
Sunday, October 29 from 12 noon to 3 pm
($10 includes book)

5  Small Steps to Get the Love You Want

How would you feel if things that bothered you got resolved? Picture conflict as productive not destructive; as meaningful not demeaning. What if you felt the freedom to be yourself; felt acceptance on all levels? Imagine having a clearly defined vision for your future together and strategies to achieve it. Want to find love after divorce… or energize ALL your relationships (with your partner, family, friends, neighbor, co-workers)? This breakthrough program will help!
Mini Bio: For over 35 years, Gladys Marie Clancy has been committed to promoting happy healthy relationships. Gladys is sought out because her techniques work! Her simple and “straight to the point” tactics have saved marriages, inspired new clarity, and created pure joy in countless lives. 
Rev. Ron Neff says “Gladys presented our congregation with her Relationship class last year.  It was outstanding.  Her knowledge of her subject is amazing.  The way she presented her material stimulated the participants to share and to open their minds to the possibilities of peaceful interaction with people who don't always perform the way we expect them to do.  It was effective and meaningful.  I highly recommend this class to anyone, as we all live with one another and we all have different thoughts about how we do that.  Gladys helps us make all relationships at least comfortable, even the toughest.” 
Unity of Fort Pierce presents

Brazilian Coffee House Concert
with Bossa Nova Jazz guitarist, composer and vocalist Phill Fest

Wednesday, November 1 at 7pm

Just a a reminder... in times of need, you can always call your prayer
chaplain. And if you'd like to speak with a Minister, feel free to contact:
Rev. Corri Hart  913-244-1808
Rev. Bob Konrad  561-744-9169
Rev. Katherine Geddes-Lovkay  772-332-2052


The Wednesday Prayer & Meditation facilitated by one of our Prayer Chaplains meets from 1-1:30pm. After the meditation service, we have lunch and conversation. All you need to bring is a brown bag lunch - or not...either way, come join us - you’ll be glad you did!

Non-Duality and Inquiry-Who Am I?  Led by Ted Laith and based on the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, class is held before service at 8:30am SHARP and ends at 9:30am.  Love offerings go to the church.

We invite you to come by the Book Nook after church. The Daily Word is offered for $3.00, and we have shelves of books - both new and used. Nancy also has lots of gift items and jewelry - come check it out and see what you didn't know you needed until you saw it here!

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Our Mission Statement -
Unity helps people of all faiths apply positive spiritual principles in their daily lives.
Our Vision Statement -
Transforming lives through an increasing awareness of unity with God.


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