Pre-recorded Sunday Services

7/8/18 Rev. Katherine Lovkay Meditation

7/8/18 Rev. Katherine Lovkay Lesson "Do I Have A Big BUT?"

Unity of Jensen Special Music; Dave Dew with Joe Negrelli, "What is America to Me"

7/1/18 Rev. William Gill Meditation

7/1/18 Rev. William Gill Lesson "What to do when what you're doing isn't working'

6/24/18 Rev. Rhonda Liles Meditation

6/24/18 Rev. Rhonda Liles Lesson "Empowered:Tools"

6/17/18 Rev. Katherine Lovkay Meditation

6/17/18 Rev. Katherine Lovkay "To Dads with Love"

6/10/18 Rev. Wm Gill Meditation